Photo by doyle



     As a self-taught, serious amateur photographer for over thirty-five years, I have come to realize what appeals to me about photography.  It permits me to be creative on my own terms, which in turn allows me to capture beauty when I see it.  The similarity of photography to my regular profession of perfumer is quite apparent in the sense that you need knowledge of the past, technical grounding and of course, creativity.

     My favorite subjects are landscapes, flowers, abstractions, and photojournalism.  I work both in color and black and white and use a

35 mm camera, a medium format camera, and recently a digital camera.

     I have entered art shows in the tristate region, with some degree of success, and look forward to deepening my knowledge of this wonderful artistic medium.

     I hope you enjoy the photos!

    John F. Doyle

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

The beauty of photography is that it allows total freedom to be creative on your own terms.